Clean water

The supply of safe, clean and accessible drinking water in remote locations, often in harsh conditions or after humanitarian disasters, is a global problem.

Our unique systems are affordable, practical, rapidly-deployed and effective solution to the purification of brackish & salt water, together with fresh water contaminated with bacteria, viruses, nitrates, ammonia, and metals.

After thorough field trials and independent assessment, by the UK’s Health Protection Agency and the University of the West of England (UWE), the Portsmouth Aqua Water Purification Systems are now in service providing fresh, clean drinking water wherever this vital resource is needed.

Agricultural water

Portsmouth Aqua offers food producers, wholesalers and retailers with a highly efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable, water-based sanitising technology that improves growing and living conditions for plants and animals and keeps fresh produce fresher for longer.


Drinking water

Whether your requirement is for rapid deployment of emergency
relief or a permanent water purification installation, Portsmouth Aqua’s  Water Purification Systems will perfectly meet your needs
and those of the population they serve.

Unique Water Purification Process

The process at the heart of our system is a patented water filtration and treatment process that produces WHO guideline water purity.

The disinfectant qualities of the purified water is a potent killer of bacteria, viruses and pathogens; destroying legionella, salmonella, cryptosporidium, E-coli, faecal streptococci and many other harmful germs.


PAQUA 1000D-2

High flowrate, low power and simple to operate.  Our stand alone unit housed in a tough stainless steel frame.


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PAQUA 1000A-2

PAqua 1000A-2 is designed to produce disinfected water from fresh water sources.


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Seon UV Purifier

Séon UV is designed to purifier water from any fresh water source.


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Seon RO Seawolf

Séon RO Seawolf is designed to purifier water from brackish, seawater and fresh water sources.


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Our water systems provide a dependable and cost-effective water supply that is easily transported and quickly deployed. Once operational our systems are fully automated and are virtually maintenance free with low power requirement and minimal, low-cost consumables.